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Cutest sibling ever. Brooklyn and Harper Beckham. Today in London at a cookie store.

Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklyn77b) clearly a pro in front of the camera.

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Big brothers make the best protectors. And Brooklyn takes his role that his dad gives him seriously. Gosh, the pandemonium. And to think the Beckhams have to deal with this frequently. 

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Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz with The Vamps.


Brooklyn Beckham and girlfriend Often Start Show Togetherness

The relationship between Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz lately Hollywood spotlight media crew. Despite their closeness had reportedly just friends, but Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz is increasingly often show their togetherness in public.

Based on the page Dailymail, Tuesday (02/09/2014), Brooklyn and Chloe looks come together to watch the Ed Sheeran concert. This is the second time they attend music performances. The young couple has been seen together several times.

Brooklyn and Chloe caught by paparazzi cameras running assign it to the back of the stage. Both appear to be enjoying their time together. 15 year old guy was always faithful to accompany his girlfriend Chloe wherever it goes.

Both of these teen stars look so harmonious with casual clothes using predominantly black and white. Even though often together, Brooklyn and Chloe did not want to admit that both are in a relationship as lovers. Both compact still keep their romance.

Previously, Brooklyn and Chloe spotted together while attending the premiere of the latest film Chloe. David Beckham's Son came to give support for what the 17-year-old girl did. The two met at one of the fitness center Brooklyn and his father's favorite places.

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Cruz Beckham’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Fan met Brooklyn Beckham at the mall the day after he returned back to London.

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